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Fissh delivers motivated and skilled workers from the EU!

About us
About us

We provide technical support staff


Finding good people in the technical sector is not easy. As a specialised temping agency, we are happy to support you in this. Tell us what you need, and we will look for one or more suitable employees. We do this together with our recruiters in various EU countries.

Thanks to our good reputation, knowledge and experience, we can usually deliver good news quickly!

Which sectors?

Technical support staff can be employed in many sectors. Fissh is mainly active in the following fields:


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We currently have the following vacancies. Are you looking for work in the technical support sector, but is there no suitable vacancy?

Please contact us, we would love to discuss the possibilities! SMEs in need of employees can also contact us for more information.

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About us

Fissh delivers motivated professionals from the EU!

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Our qualities

  • Good network in the EU
  • Specialised in construction and engineering
  • Accessible and personal
  • Good housing for employees
  • Own remuneration package
  • Accessible before 9:00 and after 17:00

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