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Fissh is a temping agency that focuses on technical support staff. The company serves small or medium-sized companies in the construction and engineering sectors, mainly in North Brabant and Gelderland.


Paul Pastoor worked in the temporary employment and payroll sector for many years, where he learned the tricks of the trade.

In 2015 he decided to start his own business, together with his business partner. He founded Fissh and specialised in technical support staff from the European Union. Fissh is known for its small-scale, personal approach. Whoever contacts us, contacts Paul directly.

Thanks to the short lines of communication, it is easy to arrange things quickly. No suits & ties and small print, but honest and transparent business.

Gemotiveerde werknemers

At Fissh, the secret behind good staff is in creating good conditions. We provide comfortable housing and decent facilities for employees. This makes the employees feel comfortable and motivated to work for our clients. We invest in language courses and they can count on a good salary. Because we work with our own remuneration package, we can act quickly and efficiently.

Fissh delivers motivated professionals from the EU!

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